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Plant List


Ryobi 755 5 colour plus coater , B2, can print up to 800 mic
Fuji 52 2 colour B3
Konica Minolta Digital Press SRA3
Heidelberg Gold foiling and Embossing platen
Caslon thermographic machine, UV compatible


Heidelberg Cylinder die cutting B2
SBL B2 die cutting machine
Setmaster 10 station collate, stitch, fold and trim
Heidelberg Platen 13 x 18 inch
BOBST multi media glue line
BOBST B2 die cutting machine
2 x 42 inch guillotines
2 x Stahl SRA2 folding machines
Various stitching, drilling round cornering machines

Pre Press;

Studio powered by the latest Apple Macs
Screen CTP chemical free platemaking system
Epson digital proofing